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When people go bankrupt (or worse, pass away), their stuff is often auctioned off at an “estate sale.” Depending on the quality of fashion accessories people have, and the lack of a fashion sense by the other bidders, you can often find barely used name brand purses for pennies on the dollar. I’ve never had much luck this way, but some of my friends have scored big. One even scored a mother load of cheap Coach handbags: A collection of five different purses for a grand total of $35. Still, some great items do go through there,indy soccer, so if you are willing to do your homework and take a risk, you could walk away with a great purse at a reasonable price. But because the site is swamped with resellers, I’ve personally never found a better deal on eBay than I’ve seen on Endless, but you could get lucky. Be sure to check feedback ratings, and make sure the seller offers a return policy, should you end up with an elaborate (but expensive) fake. has become the modern version of newspaper classifieds, and it’s the first place many people turn to when they’ve got to unload stuff in a hurry. It’s free to post ads and free to browse,bubble suits, so there’s no risk; plus you can arrange to check out the purse so you know you’re not getting taken for a ride. Every major city has a Criagslist listing, but if you want to find great deals, the trick is to expand your search beyond your home town.

Michelle Obama’s White House Handbag Michelle Obama is going to the White House in style with the help of designer Timmy Woods. With Michelle Obamaset to usher in a new era as first lady starting January 20, all eyes are on her role in the White House. Beginning today, the Smithsonian Institution is turning one of their most popular attractions the First Ladies Collection into a compelling new exhibit, and ET has your personal guided tour with curator Lisa Kathleen Graddy! The “First Ladies at the Smithsonian” exhibit features 14 of America’s most historic garments, including those belonging to Jackie Kennedy, Dolley Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln,soccer suits, Mamie Eisenhower,soccer stl, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bushand even Martha Washington.

If you want to use a sleeve with a cuff, you could, I would just sew the cuff shut first, before making it into a bag. (Sorry some of these pictures aren’t the best, I was consumed with craft mania, and got in a hurry to finish. Also it is kind of hard to take pictures of black velvet. ) :)..

My son was a surprise c section so I literally showed up with nothing but the clothes on my back (and my magic handbag, lol). I had my hair and makeup done but they made me take the hairpins out. So fortunately I had a comb and hair bands in my bag and I was able to whip up a new style. After my son was born I made my husband go home and get me my makeup remover, a robe, and pi of my own (amongst other obvious stuff like toothbrushes and deodorant). It was so nice to be able to take off that day old makeup and wash my face. Just that made me feel so much better.