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he faced for a 2 1 victory over San Diego. He gave up two hits and finished with a total of 19 strikeouts, tying Steve Carlton’s major league record.1982 The Atlanta Braves’ major league record for the fastest start was stopped at 13 straight victories when they lost 2 1 to the Cincinnati Reds.1991 San Francisco’s Robby Thompson hit for the cycle in a 7 5 loss cheap michael kors to the San Diego Padres. Thompson tripled in the first, homered in the third, singled in the cheap michael kors sixth and doubled in the 9th.1993 Chris Bosio pitched a no hitter to give the Seattle Mariners a 7 0 win over the Boston Red Sox.2006 The Milwaukee Brewers became the first major league team in 40 years to hit five home runs in one inning, beating the Reds 11 fake michael kors 0. Three other teams accomplished the feat: the 1939 New York Giants, 1949 Philadelphia Phillies and 1961 San Francisco Giants all against Cincinnati as well.2007 The Boston Red Sox hit four straight home runs against the New York Yankees, tying a major league record. Drew, Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek connected

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